Indonesia shrimp traceability

Together with the Dutch RIKILT Institute of Food Safety, FoodReg has been very active in capacity building for Indonesian shrimp farmers. We conducted several, well received workshops and training session, where our European and Malaysian team had the opportunity to resolve quite a number of questions and doubts. In addition, we implemented together with the Department of Fisheries a smallholder traceability system for shrimp. This system was based on our earlier work in Vietnam and allowed smallholders to participate in the electronic traceability chain without even having to write.

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  • Indo_Surabaya_1_Sample
  • Indo_Surabaya_2_NetHarvest
  • Indo_Surabaya_3_Trasferring
  • Indo_Surabaya_4_CleanSort
  • Indo_Surabaya_5_IcingTransport
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  • Indo_Surabaya_8_ReceptionProcessor
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